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Ian Ford

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case study

“We were delighted to receive 5 proposals back soon after submitting our specification.

“All of these were valuable on some level and two were of particular interest as they introduced new and succinct ways of carrying our message. After a couple of days of indecision on our part we settled on the one design for development.

“The development stage is perhaps the most interesting. For us it seemed like a great opportunity to be clever and add features. Fortunately, Lukasz was there to warn us against upsetting the balance or introducing distractions. One thoroughly convincing email made us step back, review our mindset and accept that his design arguments were all according to our initial concept. We then dropped the unnecessary complexities and now have a stylish logo which needs no further explanation.”



Tamba Keita


“The final product went beyond our expectations.

“I got a real pleasure to collaborate with for the design of our logo. It has been a very interesting learning journey all along. helped us clarify and understand what logo means and should be. Their advice on the subject was pertinent and highly professional.

“It is simple, straightforward and meaningful. did an extraordinary work by translating our vision and mission to our logo. Our clients appreciate it and congratulate us for its remarkable quality. We look forward to working with again. We can highly recommend it to any other entity.”



Robert Ciuba

ProSecura, Insurance Broker
case study

“Never before have I experienced such a professional approach to the client.

“At the beginning, Mr. Lukasz Ruszel very precisely defined the conditions of cooperation, thoroughly examined my expectations and then prepared three initial projects. Each design was described in detail and I was quite surprised by the appositeness of every proposal. After selecting the initial concept, Mr. Lukasz simplified it in the second phase of his work. Importantly, Mr. Lukasz knows exactly what he wants to create, but is open to any comments from the client. The result is more than satisfactory to me.

“My highest recommendations!”



Ahmad F. Zuaiter

Jadara Capital Partners, LP
case study | stationery

“It was a very fruitful, effective, but also efficient and enjoyable exercise.

“From the outset, Lukasz was both organized and methodical in his approach to formulating the right idea for our logo. He was also quite receptive to both our suggestions and ideas – which in turn helped the process move efficiently and smoothly.

“We are looking forward to working again with him on new branding initiatives.”



Artur Królik

Wiesław Królik, Zakład Produkcyjno-Usługowy
case study

“It went as well and professional, as the final result indicates:-)

“For a long time we have been searching for a designer whose works exhibit a coherent plan, who sticks to certain rules and, most of all, sees the world in a similar way that we do. All these elements came together in Mr Lukasz portfolio. His designs especially impressed us with their intelligibility and minimal form.

“That was the end of our search and the beginning of great cooperation with Mr Lukasz. Its course has been documented in a case study, so the only words left to write are: many thanks and our best recommendations!”

Joanna Jastrzębska

“We have ended up with a logo that fits in perfectly with the latest trends for baby products.

“A key issue for a designer is understanding the client`s needs as well as possible. In our case, there was no problem with that. At the initial stage of our collaboration 4 different logo designs were presented to me. Each of the proposals was refined enough to fulfill my expectations - I had a hard time making the final decision. Next, we tested out twelve different color options, one of which hit the jackpot.”



Grzegorz Kawa

case study | stationery

“Thanks very much and my 100% recommendation!

“I am highly satisfied with the cooperation with Mr. Lukasz. Work on the logo proceeded fast and smooth.

“Thanks to Mr. Lukasz, we can boast to our investors with a logo that is warmly received.”